DMV what ya think about ICE BLOC repping ya in the GUNIT borough tour??

elboricua 6

Feb 24, 2006
So my boy J dot told me him and Vito (ICE Bloc) will be opening for Gunit in their upcoming 5 borough tour ... I was wondering what ya cats thoughtabout it?

They have a good buzz in the DMV area and they play a few songs in the radio and XM but from that to opening for Gunit ..
... ..

what ya think?

they new and upcoming from the DMV area ....

They have had a couple of songs circulating in the DMV area .. "Put it in the Air" is the most recent one ...
i feel my point about wale i made a while back will be proven soon ... and just to reiterate, wale would struggle to make a top 5 list in the dmv if we couldjust get some buzz
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who the hell are they, I aint never heard of them.

if you didn't know now you know .. are you from the DMV?????

LilStar - I seen wale a few times in the club and my boys tracks be moving more people than wale's although wale is more known and people seem to flock tohim a lot more ... cool cat, not that I spent to much time talk to him ...
I'm from the DMV and never heard of these cats. Then again, I don't listen to the radio.
I'm from Baltimore but I go to UMD so I listen to a lot of WPGC and WKYS, and I HAVE NEVER HEARD THESE DUDES
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