Do not Purchase Sneakers From Air19710617Jordan on ebay,got Documents to proove He sells fakes

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I'm sorry raptor but man..

I understand that you have been having a bad week etc.. etc..

Heck i have been having a few bad months...

You know what will fix you up... Go get a girlfriend and do ur thing..

Stop complaining about one of the most legit sellers on ebay.

You claim a lot of stuff that you have documentation from footlocker nike etc.
RIGHT !!!!!

Nike doesn't have imperfections on shoes .... RIGHT!!!!!

Dude have you been following any tread on nike talk?

Nike don't make shoes like they did 10 years ago.

The 2009 XI spacejams were full of imperfections and so on and so on.

Playa just get yourself laid and quit B***ing
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Dam i cant stop laughing from reading raptore's posts. Dam seems like the dude is doing everything in his power to TRY to prove those oly 7's are fake 
 the shoes are LEGIT man! I dont think anyone can sell fake shoes on ebay for 7 years and not be caught by now. Im sure someone else would've complained by now and nike wouldve investigated and tracked his *** down. 
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THE SELLER LOST HIS SHOES AND HIS MONEY!!!!!! Because the guy hada pair of Legit shoes and Played Basketball in them and they Cracked so he thought of a way to get his money back and keep the shoes. (I mean give the to the Police)
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Homie I get Plenty Pussss* , aint got nuttin to do wit it, Im just an Individual who gets mad as hell when some Flake trys to rip me off, Same deal on da street,Show respect & ull get mine..

Diaz Que pasa homie, Keep away from da guy, dont buy nuttin of him, unless u want ya Kickz to fall apart on the 1st day..Your choice homie..

Anywayz im done wit dis Subject..PEACE
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Or better yet dont play Basketball in ten year old legit kicks. Then say they are fake after you leave feedback for the guy, You are a joke seller is legit and you screwed him.
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Stop Brown Nosing Punk, Cowboy is 1 of those sticky nose flakes on the street who call da 5-0 when ya throw a piece of paper out ya car window while cruizin..
Enought wit dis Crap, the Topics finished..
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can you scan and post these documents you have from nike, footlocker, and other sources. i understand your point of view and i hope you find peace with this issue. i just think its hard to get that kind of rating without getting a few more bad scores. however, if you can prove this documentation, you will have convinced at least 1 person (me) that they sell fakes. i was just about to by some aj3 cool greys from this guy so I wanted to check out if this guy was legit before buying. I found this crazy thread which hillarious...

anyways. please post pictures of documents you have.
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^The seller is legit don't worry at all. Funny how out of thousands of people he specifically chose raptore to send fake shoes to, what a crook!!  

Poorly stored DS shoes will do that
Dude just mad he cracked them and tried to screw over the seller
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Since someone necro'd this thread back to the top of the pile, I figure I'll add in my bit.
I bought a pair of MS VIs from the dude earlier this year right when this dispute was going on.
They were 100% genuine. No defects whatsoever either. The seller is legit, but pricey.

I think I might have a couple e-mail transcripts from him as well, he seemed like a nice enough honest guy.
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did you ever get your money back from paypal??
idk homie i think you should of posted on here as well pics fo the shoes
i know everyone says there legit and all but you might of and possibly gave some good shoes to the popo
i mean i feel you on this whole fake *%@@ going on i think more then half of NT have paid there dues with this
i know i have but i hope everything gets figured out
i have bought some shoes from this dude and they seem legit but like everyone else they did start to crack right away
but i mean its expected on old %#% shoes and again he is pretty pricey
but good guy idk but anyways if you can please post more pics of documents and all that it will get alot of dudes on here off your back bro
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I think the last time I posted in the legit/check section was months ago and it was in this thread.
Comedy that it's still on the front page.
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I just had to chime in on this.

I just bought some VIs bred colorway from that seller and they are 100% legit.

Raptore - You fail to realize JB isn't what it was before.

Come on now cracks?!?!

Why don't you tell me which JB shoe hasn't been cracking lately or have had serious defects?

Do your homework before you buy. There's plenty of people on here who buy pre release items and review them in threads to make other people aware of the flaws.

My 09 Jams have uneven cut patent leather and dimples, so should I say they are fake?!?!

Your VIIs were legit bro, but you had them destroyed.

You've been collecting since the 90s you say?

are you holding todays shoes to the standards of back in the day?

If you are, you're going to be in for a lot of future disappointments
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Man I got my money back & the item was destroyed, I have documents from Nike, not some forum moron who thinks he can tell fakes from authentics, Nike would not make a mistake like that, he sold me fakes & im certain half of your collection is if you have purchased from him, All they are is a pair of Fakes that were well assembled to fool idiots who purchase them , your in denyal because most of your crapy collection came from this guy,

I still have the offical NIKE documents that prove this dude sold me fakes, full stop..i have no reason to hate on this guy if they were real, i got a full refund, they were fake & ive still got a bitter taste because the dude wasted my time, i had to drive all over the city & drive to Nike headquarters to prove i was in the right, & it was a very long process.. Ive never had such a bad experience as this & ive been collecting AJs since 1992, when i was 11..
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Originally Posted by raptore

You Morons, I Can guarantee  that Air19710617Jordan sells fakes, Look at my ebay feedback, Ive never recieved a bad feedback in my life, I can swear on my life Air19710617Jordan sold me Fakes, You dont have a clue what i went through to proove this guy sells fakes, all you people that dont believe are in complete denial because he sold you a pair & u dont want to think that you pair could be fakes, Well i can tell you better check em out immediately..

I had to drive half way across the city, 1 hour & 25 mins to get to the Nike facotry,I have reported him to , I am so determined to stop this guy, because he is a criminal who is takeing advantage of innocent buyers & cashing in on Nikes name.. I am so determined, more determined then ever to stop this guy..
Which Nike Factory in what city and who did you speak to?

You say the shoes were destroyed in a police station, due to Australian Laws:

Which police station in what state? You were provided with a property reciept of course and can post a picture of it?
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