Do old Fame a favor please. PRETTY PLEASE......

Aug 3, 2001
I am an occasional contributor for a music blog. Today is the first time we have put an ad up and they WILL be looking closely at the number of views it gets. I think you see where I am going with this. If you read The Smoking Section, if you DL from us, or if you are just fealing charitable today do me the favor of going to and showing a little love to the Converse D Wade ad off to the right. Thanks in advance guys. If you are new to the smoking section, then stay a while and explore, you might just really like it.
Team Pacific Northwest​ :smokin
I wonder if Im overlooking said ad. I dont see it.
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
i already hit up SS. i'll see.
Breakin' more necks than Solid Snake.<br><br>Your chains do not excite the feds.
thanks gus, I think the ad was just a test run and only up on Sat. I do appreciate everyones being a sport.

Team Pacific Northwest​
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