Do trojan magnum condoms set off metal detectors?


Nov 22, 2008
my mom is taking me to a resort in Jamaica with her co-workers and their daughters who are some very close more than friends of mine...i wanna take protectionbut i dont wanna put them in my carry on because security goes through them...i want to put them in my pocket but i dont know if they'll set off the metaldetector which will make me have to empty my pockets in front of my mother

No i'm not smashing my mom
No i dont have any pics of my mom, the girls, or my moms coworkers

Just pack them with your clothes. Who cares if they go through your bags and seem them, airport security sees all kinds of things this would be nothing new forthem. Think about all the sex toys they see on a daily. Also take them out of the box, the box has anti theft devices in them.
it shouldn't

at least you're taking some extra precaution by bringing some. No telling what them Jamaican females are carrying.
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