Do you add everyone who sends you a friend request on facebook?

Joined Apr 4, 2006
i currently have 22 friend requests from people who i cant recognize or just dont know. do you add everyone even if you dont know them?
Joined Dec 25, 2007
if you cant recognize them by they default, just add them look through they pics and see if you can figure out from there. if you still cant figure out then delete. i got 4pending right now
Joined Sep 28, 2005
no...some guy added me and i'm pretty sure he's a swinger or into some weird **$! and was hype off my profile pic
Joined Jun 28, 2007
If its a girl (attractive girl) that I dont know - always except

If its a guy I dont know (I usually send them a message saying NT just in case its anyone from here) If they dont answer - Never except
Joined Jan 28, 2008
Nah, I don't add family, people I don't know, or people I don't like. I got like 30 friend request right now.
Joined Jul 17, 2009
nope. if we don't have mutual friends or i havent see you before or met face to face then you get the ignore.
Joined Nov 9, 2007
Originally Posted by HigherGround

I assume that is what people do with 1k plus friends

even 400 plus is ridiculous to me
How is 400 ridiculous?

I graduated with 520+ in my HS class and then add in my 4 years of college and there another couple hundred.  Its very feasible.
Joined Jan 4, 2004
Not everyone.. Just the hot girls... No dudes.. You never know if a chick is interested.
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