Do you comment on people's shoes when you like them?

Joined Jan 11, 2013
When you see someone with shoes you like or even the same you're wearing do you say anything?

Sometimes if someone's wearing shoes I like I tell them, I once happened to see a guy in Lebron X Lavas at the same time I was wearing my Lebron X Lavas and told him, that was the only time I saw someone wearing the same shoes I was currently wearing.
Joined Dec 3, 2014
only if they have yeezys on or some rare nikes.

but i always get complimented on my shoes.

even by da wiminz
Joined Aug 30, 2008
Back when we were teenagers, yea.
Now...hell no

What grown man comments on another man's shoes? I'm too worried about how I look for me to pay attention to another man
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fasho. I know there's people that just never give props to anyone, especially guys, they think its sus. but i'm not gay, if a dude fly, i'll be like dope kicks or cool jacket bruh. there's ways to compliment folks without being ayo. just like theres ways to compliment women without being creepy.

dont be like, nice bulge, them jeans fitting nice papi.
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Yup, but it has to be some HEAT.

Like orange and grey box type heat.
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I often get compliments on my shoes which is probably why I started doing it when I see someone else with dope shoes.
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If it's a vintage Lo piece or vintage sneakers I've never seen someone wear, I have no issue acknowledging it.
Just a mutual respect between people in the know.
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Yea. If I like someone's shoes I'll be like "nice shoes" nothing wrong with spreading positive vibes.


formerly oxpenguin
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I get compliments about my hoodies, shoes, shirts and it feels good. So I pass around the good vibes as well.
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Back when we were teenagers, yea.
Now...hell no

What grown man comments on another man's shoes? I'm too worried about how I look for me to pay attention to another man
come on b

You can compliment another dude without being sus
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Was walking out the mall (Oakland mall, think its madison heights) and seen dude wearin the red Bobbitos.

I said "nice Bobbitos"

He immediately says he has the red supreme AF1s at home in a smug way.

I was a lil confused and just was like cool and walked to my car.

no lie, 2 weeks later, someone posted something like a "detroit sneaker social roundtable " or something and he was in the video.

(cool story bro)
Joined Jul 19, 2012
Usually give a compliment if I can cause I never really see people rocking what I see on the internet so it's a shocker for me. :lol:

I get compliments from random folk or people I know personally at times about my clothes too so why not ya know?
Joined Apr 1, 2013
I never did but the other day I got complimented twice on my DH and it felt really good.  Today, I was on the train and had my Spurs Command Force, some dude hops on looks down and gives a nod of approval to himself.  Made me chuckle cause I caught it.
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