Do you/Did you get along with your parent's SO?

Joined Mar 17, 2007
I'm talking to the people who's parents divorced or who come from singleparent homes where their parent had a significant other. Do you or didyou get along with them? Were ya'll close or stuck to yaselves..beingaround my Dad's SO is  awkward for me and I chose not to be aroundher if i could. I now realize this behavior to be immature as for all Iknow she could be a great person and she hasn't done anything to me...

A friend of my was raised by his mother and would constantly fight withher boyfriend (think Home Alone) he would set bobby traps and do allsort od demented things to try and make him leave. We were at abirthday party for her where she let my friend invite some of hisfriends and dude disappears for about 10 minutes then pops out with asupersoaker mixed with spoiled eggs and water and shoot him up. At thetime was was hilarious but really it was mad OD.

So yea, how about it?

and NO i do not and will not post pics.
Joined Dec 23, 2009
I sort of get along with my stepmom. I never really liked her though. When it all came out about why my parents divorced, well... I wouldnt be upset if I never saw her in my lifetime again.
Joined Sep 3, 2009
for the most part i've gotten along with dad got re-married and my step mom is super cool..i had a problem with a dude my mom used to be engaged to..didn't really like him b/c when they were together i was in high school and he came in picture talking about moving to a completely different city..and i wasn't feeling that idea b/c i was going into my senior year of high school and didn't want to switch schools...that was the only problem i had with him though
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