Do you ever just sit and look at one pair of your Jordans and go........

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You can't come up with the concept/design for a mother##### shoe like that for any other athelete.
It has "Jordan" written all over it. It can't be for Magic, Malone, Penny, Shaq, Barkley, Kemp, Kobe, Lebron......... No one else. It just fitshim. The man, The GOD. The greatest of all time.

IMO all the joints from 1 to 17. Skip the 18,19 and 22. It's just something about them.
I look at a pair of my XII's and be like.....................This shoe is the greatest of all time. It just says MJ all over it
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you know what's funny, I was JUST thinking about this yesterday when I got my eastbay.

I was thinking about past threads about old eastbay back when I passed on the OG white/black XIII's for 49.99 for about a year it seemed, and they alwayshad team color shoes you could only get there. I started wondering why that "TB" team colorway concept never was used on jordans or other sig shoesas a tester and it hit me, the 13's could NEVER be a team colorway type shoe...NEVER...only MJ's, and it's the same with every...EVERY sig shoe.

they all just say "Jordan", not a team shoe, not somebody else's shoe, Jordan's shoe.
of course that's why a lot of people like them, that's part of the appeal...but you know you gotta have those moments where you go back and makeyourself realize that all over again.


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its funny because i was just thinking the same thing when i was looking at some Blk/Red IV's, i mean its my Holy Grail, but i could never imagine it beingany other players sig, i probably wouldnt feel the same way i do about it now.


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Yeah, my hats off to Tinker and the other makers for the incredible designs.
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good post!! welcome to NT and yes i feel like that all the time, especially when you can look at certain kicks and remember Mike playing in certain games, itsamazing
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Gotta be my white/red XII's. I've never seen these shoes only besides the pair I own and when MJ wore them. I can't imagine anybody else wearingthem (probably because I never have)
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when i look at my bred XIII all i can think of is 1998 finals. couldnt imagine anyone else rocking these on the way to a championship like MJ did. tinker jusdid a great job matching the best looking sneaker with the best looking player (pause) on the court.
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I'm glad I'm not the only person that thought this.

I love when I got the black socks on with the black/red 14's. I can't stop lookin at my feet.
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