do you ever want to use the emoticons out side of NT?

Joined Oct 6, 2008
i always want to use them on facebook or youtube or something like that. ill see like a kool video and just be like
Joined May 2, 2008
i caught myself almost usin
on facebook haha... i do it all the time on twitter tho... but most of my followers r from NT anyway
Joined Nov 20, 2007
All the time on other forums. -_- doesn't always suffice. In real life I be pronouncing SMH
and giving the stoneface trying to telepathically tell the person I amstonefacing you!
Joined Apr 29, 2006
I hit people with stonefaces at work daily

In the car

When milf or girl with a fatty I'll be like

When I see a fine girl with a ugly dude I'm like

Pay day


All the time
Joined Nov 2, 2008
Originally Posted by Rafool

I always use
on texts and people text back asking me what the hell it is...
how do you make it so you can use these in text? ive always wanted to
Joined Sep 1, 2007
Its too many times I wish I could pull the stone face out my back pocket. Me and one of my friends that lurks even joked about getting it on a t shirt forpeople that say and do stupid ++$% in our presence.
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