Dodgeball considered "a tool of Oppression" VOL Canadians..

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Do you try to not throw as hard? Or you headshottin at top speed? Before you “play” do you already have a target in mind?
Nah I try to bullet throw mines, every time I played dodgeball the 'catch it and that person is out' rule was a thing so you can't throw it soft. Too easy to catch. You gotta throw hard enough for it to bounce out of their hands if they dont catch it right

If I catch you lacking on your head work it is what it is

Usually target the person I either notice is really good or I know is really good. Wait until they got their attention on someone else and throw it after someone else just threw at them
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Wallball is the only recess sport I can see being banned.

A tennis ball to the temple is no bueno.

Dodgeballs have a slight softness to them, are harder to grip, and can't be thrown at top speeds. A tennis ball or racquetball, it's going down.

A true sport of 'men'. But they say that about bullriding and bull fighting. So maybe it's a pathetic sport to be playing to begin with.
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Some of my favorite elementary school memories are playing dodgeball. :lol:

I haven't thrown a pitch in 10 years back up until adulthood I was vicious with any thrown projectile.

Gimme all the head shots - I'll eat the penalty.
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I remember at my middle school we played this game where kids lined up at the sides and the goal was for one kid to run down the middle with a bag without getting hit. That **** was fun af but lowkey brutal in retrospect. Kids would gun it at the runner's face. I remember girls falling down crying after someone torpedo'd a ball at their head. Hilarious. ****ed up...but hilarious.
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I try to take off heads.

Simple as that.

It is usually us vs. Them so we are outnumbered .

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Weird, when I was growing up, you'd get ejected for headshots. For me it was no problem though because that's easier to dodge than a ball going for the mid-section.

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next they’re gonna bam tether ball because manlets (like myself) are at a disadvantage.
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In middle school we had a variant that if you hit a 3 you win.

We also played in locker rooms when it was raining.

Was lit.
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