Does Anyone Care About The CFL???

Aug 8, 2002
Whenever I check out the Canada forum, I never see any posts about the CFL??? Today is the biggest game of the Riders season playing our vivals, the Bombers. Everyone I know eats and sleeps the Riders here in Sask. Is there such a buzz else where around the country for your local teams?
i watch the argos sometimes but im more of a jays fan...

went to the jays game today, 6-4 win over the mariners :pimp:
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there a few cfl heads on this forums particularly ones from saskatchewan.
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go ti-cats..........

hey i was born in hamilton alright
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Me and my friends actually think the CFL football is more exciting than NFL football but the CBCs production is weak
I'm a fan of the Riders, that long weekend game was awesome. I found it cool that the Qb Kerry Joseph wore And 1, 24 karat low's at some point last year.
there a few cfl heads on this forums particularly ones from saskatchewan.
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