Does Anyone Find Short Hair On Women Attractive?

Joined May 4, 2008
Don't get me wrong, I love seeing a lady with at least shoulder-length hair.  But it's cool to me when a female has short hair and still looks attractive.  And when I say this, I mean more so in the vein of Halle Berry and Keri Hilson than Amber Rose.  The most alluring part to me is that in a sense, it makes the female's facial features that much more striking.  (I mean really, how often do you see unattractive girls with short hair?)  Does anyone else think the same thing?
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you have to have a certain shaped and sized head for it to work well. I've seen attractive women with short hair.
Joined May 4, 2008
Originally Posted by mytmouse76

i love monica's hair in her latest video...she looks so gorgeous...
Word; how could I forget?  She's the perfect example of this.
Joined Jul 29, 2008
I used to be.

But now I just think I'm attracted to natural hair in general. Whether it's short or long, It's all good with me as long as it's yours.


Joined Feb 27, 2010
Depends on head shape, and how short the hair is, not like a fresh low cut or anything nah
Joined Dec 28, 2004
A good llookin with short hair, is a good looking . (period)

but i prefer long hair. I honestly love long hair, really attracts me to women.
Joined Jul 23, 2005
I have short hair, and I've never had an issue with guys approaching me. I feel like it says a lot about a woman if she can rock a bald head or a short cut and be confident.

I can already tell though from the kind of women posted here that NT prefers chicks with really long hair.
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