Does anyone have any success stories in conquering sleep? Vol. Lack of sleep

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I'm fighting this battle with my sleep pattern and I'm losing.

The only way I can fall asleep at an early time is if I wake up between 6 a.m.-8 a.m. everyday and hit the gym hard. I've slept in and hit the gym/cardio hard in the afternoon and I still won't be able to fall asleep. It's depressing. I'm 19 y/o college student and not only do I feel that the lack of sleep is stunting my growth, I feel that it's taking years off my life. I'm most likely pulling an all nigher tonight and hitting the gym around 3 a.m.-4 a.m. to see if that restarts my sleep pattern.

Does anyone have any success in a method they used to fix their sleep pattern?
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My dad wears a mask that helps him out a lot.  He said it took a little while to get use to due to the noise it makes, but he says he sleeps good now.
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not sleeping does not do anything to your lifespan. i learned that in psychology class. hehe
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Obviously I dont know what you have tried but sometimes it is best to stick to basics.

Start to wind down after the dinner hour. Don't drink caffeine. Don't play video games, etc. Kill the lights and just slowly get into a routine where every day your body knows what is coming. And that's you winding down in the evening and crawling into bed at a decent time.

A lot of my friends are like you and cannot seem to fall asleep. But they don't even start the process of getting ready for bed (i.e. brushing teeth or cleaning up, etc) till like 11:30 even though they are just putzing around their house. THen they complain how they can't get to sleep earlier.

Also, if you are not waking up till like 11 or noon then yes it is going to be harder to fall asleep early in the night.

Taking a zinc tablet an hour before bed also helps too.
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Originally Posted by iMixedi

Originally Posted by I AM KNOWLEDGE

Doesn't sound like sleep apnea bro.
I have no idea why I put apnea
. My bad. I'm tired
It's cool man.  You should talk to a doctor about your sleep issues. 

But diet, nicotine, caffeine, and weight all contribute to sleep issues. 

Make sure you get enough sunlight during the day.  Also, it's not a good idea to lay in the bed waiting to fall asleep.  The bed should only be used for sleep or sex.  So if you find yourself laying down but not falling asleep. Get up and do something.

I used to fall asleep with the TV on, I still do at times, but I've learned that white noise & other low background noises help me fall asleep.  Good luck.  
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I appreciate the help so far fam. Taking notice at all advice given.

About smoking a bowl before I fall asleep, I'm trying to stay away from that. I smoke every once in awhile but I don't wanna use it to fall asleep at night. I don't wanna develop a habit and just would rather fall asleep naturally.
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i had the same problem for 2 years after working graveyard hours. i went to several doctors who gave me pills. they worked first few days but after that it stopped. and the sideeffects sucked. the only thing that worked for me was smoking before bed. youll sleep like a baby
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What I did was pulled an all dayer, basically just stay up 24 hours and you will def be sleepy by night time. Make sure to stay busy in the day though or you will be falling asleep. Also wake up early the following morning and follow a regular sleeping time.
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i've been semi-successful on the uberman sleeping schedule for almost a month now, where I take a 20 minute nap every 4 hours instead of a huge chunk at night.

Falling asleep was my biggest obstacle, especially during the day and the things that helped me get pass this was changing my diet to contain less meat, dairy and more vegetables, exercising and making sure that everyday I learned something so that my brain would be tired
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[nas]my medicine is the ganja[nas]

no but seriously i used to have problems with sleeping also. now i smoke a bit before i go to sleep each night and it helps me pass out real quick
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Originally Posted by westcoastsfinest

idk if youre open to this but personally i hit a bowl or 2 and it helps a lot
yup, do this about two/three hours before hopping in bed
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Well theres many ways.

First if you can't go to sleep take a nice warm shower

Try to not think about anything that will take you into deep thought the more relaxed your body is, the more easier it is to go to sleep

And last but not least don't stress yourself just take it easy get into bed and just don't think about how bad your day was or pay attention to something that will make you wanna stay on the same topic

Hope this helps bro
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