Does Anyone here care about this Uconn Womens Basketball?

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I always thought Tennessee held that record. There are barely any teams to compete with Uconn its almost unfair. They could start their bench and win by 10

ESPN with Tiger over, no Yankee drama, and Favre in hibernation sounds like they are reaching big time
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Originally Posted by youngmoney

thats cause espn is located in connecticut
I don't think that's entirely the case.
71 straight wins is just crazy!  and the fact that they have won each game by at least 10 points is just mind-blowing 

I hope they keep on winning 
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SCuse FYI here's a thread

I like this getting some burn on TV/web, it gives us something new to follow. And im not a big womens sports fan. Geno though is bound to explode cause as usual the media is going to blow this up like a hurricane 24 hours a day. Then leave and not return once they lose.

In this 71 game streak they are beating their opponents by a 26.2 average
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i love women, i love basketball....i hate womens basketball

jk but seriously 71 is impressive, i can only imagine what it would feel like to not have lost a game in years
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