Does anyone know of a place in Las Vegas I can take my III's to fix the paint cracking?

Joined Jul 3, 2005
The paint on the midsoles of my CDP III's is cracking up. I'm also having this problem with my Air Revolutions. It happened as soon as I started wearing 'em. What I wanted to know is, can I take the shoes to a specialty store that would be able to repair it? Or should I just invest in some tools and try it myself? The paint cracking makes my shoes look older and more beat up than they really are, so ANY HELP would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. PLEASE. THANK YOU. Also on a side note, does anyone else have this problem?
Joined Jul 13, 2002
Very common problem, and easily repaired with the right paint and a little patience.
Joined Apr 4, 2006
just head over to the maintenance thread and you will be able to solve your own problem
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