Does the Cavs have a realistic chance to win this series?

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i dont think theyre done..every game came down to the wire besides game 3.. this could easily be 3-1 in the cavs favor. if they win game 5 the pressures going
to be on the Magic to close it out.
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.... if every game came down to the wire.. what makes you think the magic just wont finish them off?
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Just like it could've easily been 3-1 Cavs, it could be a sweep for Orlando.

To answer the title of the thread...No. There's no way Orlando will even let Cleveland come all the way back. I believe they will finish them out tomorrowand if not in 5 games it will definitely be 6 games.
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Yea, but dey neva play defense in da second half...
Firsthalf dey go HARD

Play defense 4 quarters wit good shot selections & u win..
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Not to sound Stanish, because I'm not whatsoever, but as long as Lebron is on that team they have a shot.
Joined Mar 11, 2002
It's obvious Stern wants Lebron vs Kobe, so he will do what it takes to get that. Don't be surprised if the officiating suddenly becomes lopsided inCleveland's favor (as if it hasn't been bad enough already) So YES.
Joined Mar 3, 2006
A better question.

Does this thread have a realistic chance of staying open?

Survey says....

Joined Mar 31, 2005
what if the cavs make it to game 7..... and win. i think lebron will gain more haters than fans.

they got game 5 imo.


Joined Feb 28, 2008
They does have about a 4% chance according to history

But does I think that they will beat Orlando when they've proven not being able to hold onto leads or execute properly down the stretch or defend DwightHoward or Rashard.

I doesn't think so.
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