Does the "LS" tag seem to be wearing off...

May 8, 2007
I can remember not too long ago the tag of an Air Jordan being a "LS" was a sure sellout...What seem to be happening??
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They'll still sell out if there is better colors. "Pea Pod" VIIs, look good to me, but there has been too many trash colorways in a row. So now people don't look at "LS" like they used to.

Just what I think.
LS doesn't sell like it used to. If Alts were to be released in 07, it wouldnt have had the amount of hype in 05. But that goes for Jordans in general, they don't sell out like they used to, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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Hey the Reason why LS its not Selling Cause all These Ugly Colorways the only LS pairs i seen that sold out right away was Alts Green Xiii that was a huge @#%$ line in nyc n the Cool Grey Xis n DMPs n Grapes because these sneakers were hot but there no reason buyin LS Pair unless they look hot but if they look werid like them VIII Navy/Pea Pod watever they chicago Bears those are horrible JB Needs to do something..
it's not the tag, it's whether or not people want the shoes.

weren't the burgundy V's LS?

either way i love the pea pods! just got a pair from eastbay.

got the aquas too last week.

one thing about jordans, if you keep 'em DS, and pay retail for them, you can always get your money back.

my favorites are the originals and the first retros. i love my retro, fire red V's with the red "Nike Air" embroidered on the back.
only the grapes, caro Vs, and CG IIIs were the "real" sellout LS shoes... i remember olives and burgundys were in shelves for retail in december some areas
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I don't know where yall at but the LS's around here FLY off the shelf! The ones released today were sold out in less than an hour!
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Well its all mainly because the colorways are nasty,,the carolina & grape V`s sold good though,,same for the cool grey 3`s,,but the burgandy & olives were sittin on shelves for 3-weeks {where im from that is},,as a matter of fact I worked at footaction at the time and we werent going to order them because we were almost positive they were gonna sit,,irronicly we ended up gettin around 5-pairs of each,,and guess wat,,they sat,,but as for the peapods,,they look like they might sit for a day or 2,,but once again it all mainly has to do with the fact that JB releases ugly colorways when it comes to LS shoes,,but at the same time some are must haves {carolina V`s,,grape V`s,,cool grey III`s}
LS is mad overrated except for the Blk/Caro 5's :pimp:
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it depends what colorways are produced, where i live ANYTHING with a ls
tag is usually soldout in a day or two.
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because all the LS releases are wack

not all, but most..... at the end, it all coems down to how nice the shoe is and most of them aren't lookin that great really.
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