Dog buries puppy

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A touching moment caught on video, a dog buries a puppy in the sand.

A black and white dog comes across the dead puppy and uses its snout to push enough sand over its body to completely cover it.

The video, posted to YouTube, was said to be shot in Iraq. It is unclear if the dogs are related.

The larger dog takes more than three minutes to cover the puppy before it walks away.
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Meanwhile, South Koreans making dog-kabobs and puppy patties at their "farms" :x :x
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putting in work

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8) :D

That was cool as hell.

Not he puppy being dead, but the older dog burying him.

Salute to that dog :pimp:

Love dogs!
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Animals can tell when another has died of a bad disease, so they try and bury it or get rid of it. My gramps had animals when I was younger and the ducks would do the same. My cousins cat would also take the sick kitten and move it away from the litter to die.
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Many years ago i witnessed my dog bury one of her pups that died. It was sad. :frown:
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Isn't that in their instinct? Aren't they supposed to dig/bury things? So dogs are supperior to humans because he buried a dead puppy just like he would any other random object?
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