Donald Trump is running for president

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Net worth 8 billion

Dude gives zero dambs loool
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Son :rofl:

No words.

"The american dream is dead"

"Ill be the greatest president god ever created"

I CANNOT WAIT to see dude in debates loool
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this is why i dont vote anymore

That makes no sense.

You don't vote, you have no say.

Why purposely not fight for what you want because there are clowns on the opposite side.

I'll never understand some of you people.
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I need a video on this
There will definitely be snippets posted...i didnt eem see the whole thing the tv was just on and i heard trump talkin about china loool

It was crazy cuz u could actually hear people going :wow:


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this is why i dont vote anymore
Brah please don't say this.

Voting is immensely important. especially on the local level

And people staying home, is one of the reason we have nonsense like the Tea Party having so much power.

Besides the rich and lobbyist. The only groups of people that get their way in this country are the ones that consistently vote.

Please vote brah, please :frown:
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he's rich and one of them (although I'm not really sure who they are)...he cannot be trusted
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Another clown added to the Republican circus....this is great news!! These Republican debates are going to be must watch TV. Trump might actually bring some of the other candidates down to his level in the process.
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I'm not familiar with any of the other Democrats that are in the race other than Hillary, but at this point, they could nominate a paper bag and still be better than this awful squad the Republicans are assembling. They're looking like the Jets or Jags right now.
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