Don't Take Your Woman To Salt Bae's Restaurants vol. So Much Disrespect #mrstealyourgirl

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with the Drake lyrics

Who is DruSki2Funny? Apparently she ruined fam's whole night.

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with the Drake lyrics

Who is DruSki2Funny? Apparently she ruined fam's whole night.

The internet is such a disingenuous place. This is an actual skit Druski created. It seems as if they are trying to push it as if this was something that was real.. :lol:
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How do people fall for/believe this type of stuff

Between all those vids its like 5 different people, so follow up tweets make no sense to me.

Regardless i assume most of this type of stuff is all fake and watch it like :stoneface: then keep it moving
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Question for all.

Are yall letting Hibachi Chefs/Cooks OR This Dude throw or toss food into your mouth?

Why/Why Not?
F no bruh

I remember several years ago I went to this hibachi restaurant with my lady and kids, and our neighbors (husband wife 2 kids)

the hibachi chef had Sake in one of those clear squirty bottles like the ones that are usually red with ketchup, and he was squirting it into my neighbors mouths from behind the grill

shxt was inappropriate lol we didn’t partake in that. I don’t know if that’s a normal thing they do but I feel like I’ve been to maybe 10 hibachi joints, I never saw that other places


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Would you do it in front of your pops?
I'd triangulate my throat so the meat hits the tongue first, gets grind by the teeth second, and slithers down my esophagus oh so gently for maximum tastebud satisfaction.
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