Downsview Road Test

Jan 19, 2004
Has anyone done their G1 exit test at Downsview recently? Is it streets or is it a course? What should I be looking out for. Any horrible instructors? Any tips would be appreciated.
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i did it there but that was like 4 years ago..

keys to passing are:

- look like a safe and cautious driver: always check side and rear mirrors every few seconds (move your head not just your eyes)
- always check blindspot before switching lanes
- stay a few ticks below the speed limit (1 km over the speed limite = automatic fail)
- don't pass the white line when stopping at stop signs and traffic lights (also results in automatic fail)

and just be an overall confident driver. those testers know right away if u're a good driver or a bad one so make sure u give them the impression that u are a safe driver
^^How was the route? Difficult? Or was it just simple major streets turning into residential?
"Why am I dying to live if I'm just living to die?"
You'll do it eventually like and most people, but for the test YELLOW means STOP!

It will probably be turning into residential. They'll most likely ask you to do a 3 point turn. Use hand over hand and no palming and grabbing the wheel under.

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yeah...g2 test is mainly residential area and major streets in order to get to those residential areas.

if you seem to be a good, safe, and confident driver from the start, the tester might not even ask you to parallel.
i did mine at lawrence and vp (victoria terrace) in the freezing rain two februarys ago. no lie, it was less than 5 mins. dude was impressed i guess because i had little or no wheelspin on the road (which was pretty much iced over). i also happened to mention that the car didnt have traction control. btw, i was driving a manual car.
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Well I heard that Dowsview is a course now, instead of streets, so I'm not sure if rush hour will matter. But it won't make THAT big a deal. The slower I have to drive, I guess the less mistakes I can make in their eyes.
"Why am I dying to live if I'm just living to die?"
Update: Course was easy. I got it. Thanks for the help guys.
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