Dozens Dead from Earthquake in Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- A pre-dawn earthquake collapsed homes and killed at least 38 people in a mountainous region of southeastern Turkey on Monday.

The magnitude-5.8 earthquake struck at 4:32 a.m. in Turkey's Kovancilar district, according to the prime minister's press office.

At least 38 people had been killed, Kovancilar Mayor Bekir Yanilmaz told CNN Turk, CNN's sister network.

"Many houses have collapsed," the prime minister's press office said.

"Search and rescue teams have been sent to the area," the prime minister's office said. The Turkish Red Crescent also is sending tents and blankets, while additional ambulances are being brought from neighboring districts.

Turkish television showed injured residents being rushed to hospitals, and paramilitary officers, police and civilians digging with shovels in the rubble of collapsed buildings.
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Man RIP...i live in CA and it's not if we get ours but when and it seems to be getting closer
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Damn another one? I better start getting ready for one in the midwest then since everyone else seems to be having one.
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rip, all these earthquakes
. it almost seems like everyone is gonna get hit, now it just depends on who's next
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3 major earthquakes in more than just 2 months?! 2010 is becoming a scary year...
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there are tons of earthquakes that go on everyday BTW

but damn this is getting crazy
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Originally Posted by JoseBronx

there are tons of earthquakes that go on everyday BTW

but damn this is getting crazy
Do you happen to have the stats on that?
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there was just an earthquake here in l.a. yesterday. lasted like a second and was like a 2.something
hopefully thats the only one we get
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I got family from there.....

EDIT: Just spoke with my dad who lives there...thank god nothing happened to him but RIP to the ones who dies
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