Dr. Dre ft. T.I & Nas- Topless Question?

Joined Jul 6, 2006
Is it just me, or does that sound like Budden on the hook?

No way that's Dre....

I SWEAR that's Budden

Any info?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

And for those of you who don't know, this is a song supposedly off of Detox.

Also I've been at school, so I'm out of the loop....did any more tracks leak?
Joined Dec 9, 2001
Eh...I cant even listen to this song...........ive already heard the version where T.I. was rapping Dre`s parts in the whole song. That killed it for me.
Joined Jul 6, 2006
I could see LL.....a little,

But yo how is that not Budden?

Especially when he says "guns blaze all the TIME"

It always hits me like, THAT'S JOE BUDDEN

Any info?
Joined Jun 22, 2008
If that was Budden, Budden would say that was him. Dude needs that type of shine at this stage.
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