Drake - H E A D L I N E S

Joined Jul 9, 2011

EDIT: After first listen it's just cool (really feelin' the drum pattern)...

This sounds like the type of !!!@ that will grow on you like a !%%+%*#%%%+%, though.


formerly i lyricaljkilla i
Joined Nov 14, 2003
Drake came with the lyrics.

The beat is kind of lackluster, though.

I expected something a little more vicious.


formerly drizzyd
Joined Jun 1, 2009
Super feelin this

Finally a track where he goes in and isnt singing and #+!%

Nice work Drizzy
Joined Jul 11, 2006
it's had to objectively critique music these days without being called a hater, but i'm sorry i'll be the first one to say it.

this @%%@ is extra regular.

even dreams money can buy is better than this.

"i'm extra feeling this"... really?? why?
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