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Jun 26, 2002
Aubrey "Drake" Graham better known as Jimmy from Degrassi.

Here's the video for his first single "Replacement Girl" feat. Trey Songz, the version here is low quality so it doesn't look good on youtube.

I see my girl Jen from work leading the dance portions. Can't miss that hair.

Also can't forget the goons in the back. But like quasi, not my cup of tea.
Heard. Catchy loop.
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That track is hot...beats nice, his flows original, and hes media literate. I personally cant even be mad at him. hes doing his thing, and how many canadians can say that.hit tv show a record coming out....if he stays focused u never know what could come of it....ima end it on that note and give drake some daps...one

p.s we all have to support canada...u may not like im not saying u have to...but offer support we need to stop segregating and start putting CANADA on the map...look at the garbage taht comes out of toronto....this is a million times better
I was feeling the song for a while now. That's a decent video. I give Drake his props as an artist.

Thanks for posting the video. I think the pool I'm in has a conference call with him on the 17th.
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Glad to see Q posting a quality video that doesn't make me laugh at dudes trying to rep our city.Smooth track, nice hook, goonies represented, gotta love it.
Not bad for what it is... I expected nothing and it turned out decent...

My home girl in the video doing her thing, lol... Goonies are out to play...

What'cha Gonna Do, When The Milhouse Runs Wild... On YOU!
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that's my dude! Big Ups to all the CDN artists that Roundtable works with from Tona and Kat to Aya and Ken Masters!

Support the Canadian scene, whatever that may be from the sneaker community to the music industry and all the Hot parties in between! Lets make these Americans recognize...
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I've always been a fan of the song it's hot the video is ok could have been better IMO cameos at the end were terrible (yungneedem is somewhere in the back there), loved the purple backdrop and the map.
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