Dream Season: 23 & 24 Presented by NIKE

This is piff. Goose bumps.
Not all of it. Just the 1st part and I'm about to watch the 2nd. I'm watching the Yankees and Mets too.
Mets are killing me tho right now.
Originally Posted by GaBeGRaMs

Was this shown on ESPN already ? How could I have missed this ?
i doubt it cuz i watch espn everyday and i havent seen a promo or commercial for this yet.... maybe this will air after the playoffs
It has all the commercials cut out like it was edited. And it's showing the bottom line saying NBA Shootaround Next, Lakers Nuggets 9PM.

I mean I feel just like you, because I be on ESPN most of the time and I ain't even seen any promos for this.
My homie just put me on this yesterday.

I had no idea about it.

Finally DLing a copy to see it. My boy was telling me he liked it way better than Kobe Doin' Work.
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