Drive Slow {Remix} Appreciation (Originally only for Paul Wall)

Mister Meaner

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I was originally going to make this post about Paul Wall's verse, but damnit, each artist came correct IMHO. Just a good song to ride to or smoke to.

Drive Slow (Remix) - T.I

I'm not gonna post up the lyrics, but let me know if I can't post up this embed. I really don't know the extent of these new rules.


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Originally Posted by i LyricaLJKilla i

The video version with the strings is
MyT was asking for the CDQ of this version today on Facebook...

Mister Meaner

formerly super producer j
Joined Mar 24, 2007
I'm leanin' on the switch, sitting crooked in my slab

But I could still catch boppers if I drove a cab

A young Houston hard-hitter, all about the skrilla

Ridin' something candy-coated, crawling like a caterpillar

I'm tippin' on them fo's, I'm jammin' on the screw

I'm lookin' for them *!*#, baby what it do
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I use to have that strings version and lost that +%% off of my harddrive. I use to love that version. And yea Paul Wall brought that vintage Get Ya MindCorrect flow to this one.
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