Dropping a Class Appreciation/Unappreciation Vol.Who's the SOB that put numbers and letters 2gether?

Joined May 31, 2005
I suck at math, and hate it with a passion so this past semester at my community college I was about to get an F in my Intermediate Alg-Trig class, so Idropped it, and I got a letter today saying I made the dean's list, all through out high school I've never seen anything higher than a 2.6, seein a 3.4is
but the bad part is I think I have to take it to officially be asophmore and transfer to a 4 year school eventually, so I'm taking it now during a two day a week summer night class 5:30-9


Joined Jul 6, 2002
Damn, failing a JuCo class..now that's an L. You're suppose to succeed in JuCo to be able to transfer into a university, man.

I love math, it's the universal language.
Joined May 31, 2005
^I'm mathematically challenged my dude
I'm aright side of the brain kind of guy

English on the other hand
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