DS OG XIs Wearable?


formerly austin066
Feb 3, 2006
i assume this is the right place for this.

title says it all, would DS OG XIs be wearable?
i think this really depends on how it has been kept throughout the years. so people got wrapping all over it, to prevent oxygen from going in, and make the shoe deteriorate.

u might want to give some more description on how its been kept throughout the years. personally i don't think its that easy to crack, since the material doesn't look like that foam stuff on like the VIs and the VIIIs
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what he said but, these shoes cant crack well not that i know of anyways. the only problem depends on how the guy has stored them over the years. bad storage can lead to the glue for the sole being all dryed up and with movement the soles may detach itself from the actual shoes.
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