Dude breaks my Blackberry and refuses to pay me....


Feb 7, 2008
Aight...so back in January this guy broke my Blackberry by grabbing it out of my hand and in doing so he lost handle of it. It went flying across the room, hitthe ground hard, and didn't turn ever again. He was grabbing it out of my hand as a joke by the way.

Anyway...I was rightfully mad so I went out and bought the phone and said he had to pay me back for it. I wore down a little after some time and said he onlyhad to pay half (which is $150) and now I'm only telling him $80.

It's been 5 months and this dude still hasn't paid me back. He struggles with money and has told me that he would have a hard time paying me. I toldhim he could pay me gradually over time but he refused that and said he'd rather pay me all at once.

So on Facebook today he says to me..."i think you should let me go and leave me with a lesson welllearned: DON'T BREAK OTHER PEOPLE'S PHONES OR ELSE THEY WILL HARASS AND ACT LIKE AN AN @+#+@!@ ABOUTIT"

What should I do NT? He obviously had no intention of paying me and I wouldn't be as hard for my $ like I am if the whole thing was just an accident. Wellit's not...he intentionally grabbed it out of my hand trying to be funny or some !%@!. What should I do in this situation?

Just read the damn thing

Thanks for the help in advance.
5 months without payin a dime? Put him in a torture rack and collect the loose change that comes out....

...nahh, if he's gonna act like a $!%%! you might as well confront him like one.
Find you an empty room. Place a table in the middle of the room, and then stick a knife in the middle of the table. You both start at equal distances fromthe table, and someone else closes the door. The one that opens the door wins.
Originally Posted by xcrskim

whoop his %%*++@! %!*, what are you doing on NT ?
word..violence really aint the way but dude obviously thinks your soft..and you prolly are..so prove him and me wrong.just dont hurt me though
boi you soft he broke yo +*+@ and you didnt make him pay for it asap then

beat his @%% 300 aint something you let pass
that sucks.

i mean you cant really MAKE him pay.

try another approach if possible, and then just take the high road and be the better man, and eff it.
I hate when people take your phone as a joke. Looks like he really does struggle with money if he want to pay in full but he really can't. I'll justtell him or even make him pay $10 every 2 weeks. for 4 months. If he was your friend, he would actually pay since it was his fault.
what should you do? don't be a P, be a Man about it...

get the $ forcefully, go to his house


ask for it again, for the full amount (don't be no P...)


go through court and be a real @+$@!%*

depends on how cool are you with this guy, if you ain't really that cool, go for his throat.
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