Dude tries to pull a Lil mama on Jay...not this time (vo. I can't breath)

Joined Sep 6, 2005
lol @ jay not even seeing it happen. homie got the apollo treatment.
dang lookin at the second angle, homie got the WWE treatment.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
Time of death:
12:45 EST.
He destroyed that man with Kurt Angle accuracy and went back to his post like that %+@% didn't even happen!
Joined Aug 28, 2008
I've had this video looped for the last 45 minutes now

Everything about this %#** is hilrarious...
from the way his arms and legs wail...to how he he hits the ground (I swear i heard the impact
)...to how the security guard walks away like its nothin...

Like...imagine whats going through his head when he feels this dude wrap him up and just carry his *%% off stage... 
Joined Jul 31, 2008
Originally Posted by GUILLERMO GUTIEREZ

he aint even make an attempt to juke security or nothin

I'm saying, he was like "awww damn, aight"

black jesus

Joined Oct 6, 2009
so disrespectful......threw him like a rag doll

but real talk.....Jay roll w/ some brolic security guards.....especially that one white guy....he's like 6" 6" and solid
Joined Mar 20, 2006
**DEAD** I always wonder "What the hell are they thinking?" when somebody hops on stage at a show.
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