***EAST BAY*** WHERE DO YOU WORK??? I need JOB ideas...

Mar 7, 2004
where do u work? and can anyone let me know of any spots that are hiring.... i'm 19 with a GED with not that much work experience and i have no idea where to work at... the street money is gettin slow and i seriously need a 9-5.. anyone know of any good temp agencys or decent jobs(11/hr and up)?
my temp agency is APPLEONE.. they hooked me up with a pharmacutical type job for around 19$ an hour when converted to a 5-day work week. ( i work 3-4 days a week)
aim: yoursprmanishere
ftp: runstyles
officeteam.com...office work, but def a stepping stone!!
ebay ID: admrl_trdng

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I need a job in the city.. i have very little experience.
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lookin for AM90 infareds 10-11
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