EASTbay! Indoor Skydiving Coming Soon!!!

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, Sounds fun.

So how does this work? Do people get to float like mase and diddy in mo money mo problems?
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does anybody know how much it is?
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never tried it....looks fun tho.
i think they have indoor skydiving somewhere in Vega$ too. one of my boys was telling me he went and that it was cool.

i wanna try the real thing, but i'm scared of heights.....not a full blown phobia, but, man, if the chute gets tangled or doesn't open.........SPLAT!
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It seems better than really skydiving. Chances are this goes on for longer than the real deal. I jumped from 9000 feet and only had like 30 seconds of freefall time.

This is cheaper as well.

Getting excited, I'm thinking I might be able to convince my work to do this for a team building experience. :D
Joined Dec 10, 2006
lol i thought it was another restaruant. Hopefully it bring positive vibes to the area. No tall tee dudes trying to get hyphy in the air while diving.
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