eBAY/PayPal Alternatives ? (for sneakers/kicks)

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i'm all fed up with ebay and paypal and I was wondering, for sneakers/kicks, is there an alternative site that ...
  1. that has a big enough buyer base for sneakers/kicks
  2. able to reach global buyers
  3. that doesn't involve using paypal ?
Joined Mar 31, 2000
Originally Posted by ME NO PASS

ISS NT hypebeast craigslist
Craigslist only reaches to buyers in your own area.
ISS/NT/Hypebeast - those would involve PayPal, which holds your money for 21 days.
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Paypal doesn't hold my money. I just sold some shoes the other day.
Buyer paid me and I transferee it to my bank account. A three day process.
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First upgrade your paypal account to a premier/business account and do more paypal transactions. Once you establish that you're legit, Paypal wont hold your money.
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Originally Posted by heartofthacity

@+@# paypal
Got a new acct and they're holding my money for up to 21 days
same here 
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Bonanzle....no insertion fees, $5 fee if you sell your item
I dont know if there is a big enough base for sneakers though, and you will most likely have to go thru paypal without the "security" paypal supposedly offers for ebay buyers/sellers.

%@@% ebay though...got charged $91 for a purse I sold for 1k....that's just way too much. And they are deceptive because their lowering insertion fees (which isnt that much to begin with), while raising FVF
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