ECON Majors.... wanna help me out??

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whats good.... i got a few questions for this little take home quiz in macroeconomics but my boy has my book... can anybody help me out with these questions??

1. What is the unemployment rate if the civilian labor force = 180 million and the unemployed = 15 million? Is this percentage appropriate?

2. Why has President Obama lowered taxes across the board?

3. What happens to your real income if you receive a 3% raise when inflation is at 4%?

5. What does it mean that this year your annual salary of $30,000 has stayed the same while your everyday purchases have increased by $2000 (annually)?

6. What is the real interest rate on a CD that pays 4.50% in interest with a deflation rate of 2.50%?

7. With a MPC = 85%, how much less would you be forced to spend if your disposable income drops by $300?

8. If the Multiplier is 6, then which of the following is true?

a. $10 million in autonomous spending would decrease the RGDP by $60 million

b. $6 million in autonomous consumption increases the RGDP by $36 million

c. $12 million in consumption increases the RGDP by $72 million

d. $14 million in autonomous spending increases RGDP by $84 million

9. If the Multiplier = 5, Autonomous Spending = $15 million & Autonomous Consumption = $12 million, what is the change in the RGDP?

10. Explain why people spend during hyperinflation.

11. What is your real income if your nominal income = $90,000 and CPI = 182.6? b) What happens to your disposable income if next year your income increaseby $2000 and CPI increases to 185.1?

12. What is the multiplier if the MPC = 99%?

13. Explain why cost-push inflation is less desirable than demand-pull inflation.
14. What is an inflationary gap? Give an example.
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Did you not go to a single class or something? Get a tutor and do your own homework.

I would be happy to talk to someone about economics or economic ideas or public policy but these are obviously intro macro questions that you should be able toanswer by now.
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