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[h2]Bale Forced Terminator Rewrite[/h2]
11 May 2009 5:00 AM, PDT

Christian Bale forced writers of Terminator Salvation to rework the script to give him a bigger part - as the Britishactor was determined to play the iconic role of John Connor in the sci-fi franchise.

Bale was originally offered the lead role of Marcus Wright in the upcoming sequel, but the Batman star turned the part down - insisting he would only playConnor in the film.

The character featured in all three previous Terminator movies but was only set for a brief appearance in the latest outing.

So writers were ordered to revamp the script to give Bale a bigger role.

Terminator Salvation scriptwriter John Brancato says, "A lot of the work was integrating (Connor) into scenes... andhaving that feel integral and sensible, as opposed to grafted on just because there was a star in the part."

The new movie hits cinemas on 21 May.
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Eh.. sounds like he knows more than the script writers.. THIS Terminator movie set in the future without a central John Connor would've made no sense! I amglad that he's John Connor!
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Not true. MCG himself said he wanted Bale for the part from the beginning.
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It makes sense. Why would you make a Terminator movie set in the future without John Connor as the main character? Dude is the one that's the spark to thewhole franchise, he's the one who sent Arnie back in time in T2.
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Wait, isn't John Connor one of the central characters???? Every movie was pretty much about the survival of "john Connor"....
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So the

Christian Bale is on top of the world ATM. Probably the hottest actor in the game right now.

They're lucky he didn't tell em to put his name in the title.
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He has a lot of great movies.

Most underrated Christian Bale movie? Equilibrium

It's like Matrix meets 1984. Taye Diggs was the only bad thing about that movie.
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I love it when press and tabloids try to exploit celebs, it usually just back fires. I mean after Bale's blow up on set, people seemed to think more fondlyof the dude.

And now, I cant even imagine a Terminator flick without John Connor, I'm praising Bale right now for the "re-write". But then again I don'tknow what to believe

because McG brought Bale onto the project to play Connor from the get-go.

FYI: James Brolin and/or Daniel Day Lewis were very close to landing the role of the Marcus Wright character. Now that would have been something else
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Originally Posted by Icecixz

The real reason why is the Script got leaked....John Connor was suppose to appear brieftly so that the Terminator would kill him and use his in return John Connor became the termintor...heres my source
Well looks like Christian Bale saved the Terminator series from cremation.
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