El Conqistador Resort in Puerto Rico!!!!

Joined Aug 3, 2009
Sup yall, just wanted to share some pictures from a vaca I took a little while back, I stayed at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico Place was beautiful..Check out the pics... Recommed it for a vacation with your significant other

trelvis tha thrilla

Great place. I stayed there when I went to Puerto Rico when I was younger.
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man i havent been back to the island since like 2000

and my pops had free tickets to go last yr but no one could get the spare time off ( it was for a week)

i really wanna go back tho sooon

nice pics OP
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Wow, def a great place. I was in San Juan for my honeymoon back in May 08, stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel. I really enjoyed it. Wish I could have stayed longer than a week. We plan on going back. What section of the island is this hotel at?
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This was about 30 miles from San Juan in Fajardo if I'm not mistaken, hope I didn't butcher the spelling
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Looks ill
. I have a question. On a couple of the pics, let's say the one where you're over-looking the water. There's like this big island in the distance with buildings on it. Is that part of PR too, or is it a whole different island?
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Ill be in PR a couple times this Spring and Summer. My boy plays basketball for Bayamon out there.

I went once last year with my chick and stayed at Intercontinetal. I looked at the Conqistador but it was kinda out there. Looks nice though... may have to reconsider next time I take her.
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place looks great but it also looks pretty dead saw nothin but old white women in these pics what month did you go? Prolly doesn't matter tho its not like you cant go out and around the island to have fun.
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looks cool, but going to a resort in PR is like watching porn when two butt naked +*%+##% is in the next room waiting to get plugged
Joined Oct 9, 2000
I have been there and that place is sick!  My parents lived in PR before I was born in the 70's, wish I was born. 

Another awesome place is Dorado. 
Joined Jun 10, 2008
i was there from the 25th to the 1st stayed at the raddison hotel in san juan....I had a blast prolly gonna go again for easter break...
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RL Treyce,

You spelled it (Fajardo) right! That's were I'm from. My mom lives 5 minutes from the hotel! BTW, awesome pics man!
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