Aug 1, 2006
I expect the May 2007 elections to be hotter than ever with all the controversies and stupid jingle commercials. Cesar Montano for Senator? @#%$? What is happening to our country?

All i can say is.....VOTE PICHAY hahaha

post your comments :D

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Itanim??? That guy is not even setting a good example for the young ones. That is not the way it is pronounced and spelled!


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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I wonder if someone actually did this to him.

The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
Here is the list of Senatorial Candidates:

Here is the Senatorial Podcasts: (Video Interviews)

Please vote for Luis (Chavit) Singson - reppin Ilocos Sur

Sonia Roco - reppin Naga City & Bohol -- (correct me if im wrong)

Jamalul Kiram III - (Muslim) - Malaysian gov't doesn't want this guy elected because he will stir up the Sabah debate. (My Opinion)

Zosimo Jesus Paredes II - Kapitiran Party, former director of the Visiting Forces Agreement, resigned because he didn't believe Daniel Smith, the accused Marine should be transfered to US custody.

Dr. Martin Bautista - Kapitiran Party -- A wealthy doctor from Oklahoma, USA who decided to run for Senate for 1 term only. Check out his podcast.
so according to the tfc, pacquiao got ko'd by darlene.. as much of a pac-man fan i am, im glad he lost.. manny's a boxer, not a politician.. hes got a great heart and i have the upmost respect for him for the way he helps ppl, but bein a congressman will jst take his focus away from wat made him an icon, boxing

thoughts? opinions?
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^He wasted his hard-earned money. As good as his intentions may be, I think he just can't do anything nice in politics.
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
I'm glad to see that the Filipino voter is getting much much smarter these days and popularity alone is not enough to get a candidate a government position. It's also good to see that CESAR and GOMA are not in the top 12 so far and the trends are definitely not in their favor. Manny's candidacy was heavily influenced by the administration which was trying to topple the TRIED and TESTED, not to mention BEAUTIFUL Incumbent Opposition Congresswoman Darlene Custodio :smile:

They FAILED and for very good reasons. Darlene really is a sincere and results-oriented public servant so her track record carried her through and the people still want to see Manny in the ring and continue to bring pride to the Philippines through boxing.

Congrats to Darlene and I hope to see her in showbiz soon :smile:
JOHN 3:16For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life
imagine.. if manny pacquiao won and he had a match during his service.. hehehe...

and at the other corner, wearing blah blah blah, CONGRESSMAN MANNY PACQUIAO! :lol:

and it'd prolly be weird for his opponent that he's beating up a congressman :lol:
^LOL and he comes to office with a puffed up face!
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
Pacquiao IMAO was pushed or should we say "advised" by his "friends" to run for office. They were banking on the fact that if he won. Since he did not know anything about politics he would be seeking more "advice". Which they would happily give. So in essence Pac-man would just be like his namesake. Under someones control. That's my two cents.
hahaha onli-inn-d-pilipins talaga .

imagine after 2 weeks we still dont have the results hahaha .

mega pigil to the max kasi mga trapos since time immemorial
para hinde maging computerized/automated ang election
para nga naman malaki probability nila na mandaya

hay , onli-inn-d-pilipins lang talaga .
finally after 10 years nag proclaim na ng mga new senators

tuwa na lang rin ako na matalino na pala mga voters ng pinas

kasi hinde nakalusot ang mga palagastos kagaya ni itanim sa senado kuno ,

si dancing queen , si doble kara sotto , mga pa-cute lang na artista

at ang mga napakadaming kandidatong ubod ng sipsep kay gloria .

sana sa 2010 automated na tayo dito kasi naman ANONG PETSA NA !!!
whoa :wow:
now that's a lot.. if only he used it to help the people of Gen San instead.. :nerd:
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