Eminem on Shade45 @ 8 EST - The Prelapse Special

Jan 4, 2008
The Prelapse Special
Tonight 8:00 pm ET
Catch an in-depth interview with Eminem, who will take listeners on a personal guided tour through the making of his highly anticipatedcomeback album Relapse in stores on May 19. Eminem gives track-by-track analysis and behind the scenes commentary onhis triumphant return to the music scene while overcoming tragedy, loss, and confronting his own personal demons. Hosted by Shade 45's ProgramDirector, Reef, this is a rare and candid look at Eminem reflecting on his life, his career and his future that you will not hear anywhere else! At theconclusion of the Eminem Prelapse Special make sure to stick around for the Prelapse Postmix-your favorite Eminem and Shady Records classics and special treatsmixed by The All Out Show's resident drunk, DJ Lord Sear! (3 hrs)

Rebroadcast: Tomorrow 12:00 am ET; Sun 5/17 1:00 pm ET; Sun 5/17 8:00 pm ET; Mon 5/18 12:00 pm ET

damn I get to go home and check the bonus cuts and this 3 hr !%@!.....

I'm bout to cop a quarter of haze and enjoy tonight's festivities!!!!!
cant believe hes playing all the songs like this lol ... basically just conceded to the fact that his album leaked ... i hope those dudes that were holdin outarent listening
so basically the dude just spit the sickest $+%@ he could think about LOLOLOLOL ... no relation to his life or anything ... shaaaaaaaaaaady
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can somebody make 3 links? one for each hour? zshare ?
its the only way i can listen
u know theres gonna b links... patience... right now u not missin nothin... he just playin the cd...

yea i know, but my problem is that the show is 3 hours. i cant put 3 hours on a cd

since i dont have sound on my computer. EVERYTHING i listen to thats on the internet/my computer has to be burned on a cd. every interview,song,mixtape,radioshow, i have to put burn it on a disc and put it in my dvd player and play it through my tv

i was pissed one time that i tried to dl a jamie fox radio show and it was over 70mins and i couldnt burn it to a disc to listen
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damn gotta have a Serius account huh?? I don't trust free trials
It's perfectly safe. I did it a few weeks back for the "3 AM" drop.

then u just cancel it or it cancels itself????
the songs sound so much better by themselves and when you focus on them individually lol ... i know even the haters are checkin for them now
ummm basically he explained how he idolized christopher reeves and how he knows its $$%!+$ up but he dosnt really care ... yea
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ummm basically he explained how he idolized christopher reeves and how he knows its $$%!+$ up but he dosnt really care ... yea
Slim is ##*$%$ in the head for real
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