Eminem's best album

Aug 8, 2007

nah Eminem never made a solid album yet. When he puts out a real album, wihtout that wack accent of his and wack beats, ok WHEN EMINEM PUTS OUT AN ILLMATICthen i'll give him props.
relapse is creeping up to #2 for me. i literally like EVERY song outside of 2-3. the eminem show is still #1 though.
I feel like you can't compare TES to MMLP

They are so different, in a good way... both great albums..

IMO MMLP has more replay value
Marshall Mathers LP.

I hated Relapse the first time I played it. But after analyzing it a few more times, I can respect the skill and effort put into it even though the subjectmatter still does nothing for me.
marshall mathers and the eminem show are both classics

i refuse to rank one higher than the other
Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, this is how we used to get the party started.
We used to mix in with Barcardi Dark, and when it kicks in you can hardly talk.
And by 6:10 you gon probably crawl, and you'll be sick then and you'll probably barf.
And my prediction is you gon probably fall, either some where in the lobby or the hallway wall.
And everythings spinning, you're beginning to think women are swimming in pink linen.

I don't pump Em like most on here, he's not one of my favs at all, but his flow on Marshall Mathers was stupid.
I like the more serious content on The Eminem Show better...but he was at his rhyming best on Marshal Mathers LP (Haven't heard Relapse yet though)...
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