employe store question.

May 15, 2007
does anyone know if all the regular releases (ls and gr) are relesed on release day at the nike employe store. like will they have the 11 lows on the 4th?

sorry if this is a stuppid question or if it has been asked already.
"spent dat conda he didnt run" bird man (WTF?)
yeah they'll have them but the employees get dibs on them so usually on a big release first lined up usually gets them after the employees. I was lucky enough my friend picked up the last pair of CG lows in a 10.
not sure. depends on how many pairs they get. they never restocked on the CGs or black/zest cuz they didn't hav backstock.
no i didnt end up getting them. but still want em'. do you think they will restock?

P.S. im a size 13
"spent dat conda he didnt run" bird man (WTF?)
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