ESPN Radio easily has the best commentary and analysis out of everything the ESPN network offers

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I used to get angry during the fall. It seemed like whenever I turned on NFL live, it was the same concussion-ridden former players bragging about their glory days (Mark Schlereth, Tedy Bruschi, Merrill Hoge). Then don't get me started on Monday Night Countdown... Cris Carter? Keyshawn Johnson? Are you kidding me, these guys are a joke. I miss the days when you had to be a real journalist to get on TV and share your opinion... I guess now all you have to be is an outspoken douche that draws attention to yourself. I also see that they've started bringing in the brilliant Matt Millen to share his expertise with us
he should get the lifetime ban from the NFL and stay far away forever.

Even Sportscenter is starting to succumb to the pressure of being ultra-trendy. More and more gimmicks are being utilized, which I believe started with the implementation of the garbage "ultimate highlight"...

Where's the real journalism? I found it in ESPN Radio. I started listening during the football season and the commentary is great. Mike Greenberg, Colin Cowherd, Scott Van Pelt, Ryen Russillo, Jason Davis, they're all great journalists and smart guys. Even the ex-jocks like Mike Golic and Doug Gottlieb are good. All of it is intelligent, relevant analysis and conversation, rather than Ted Bruschi telling us "when I played..."

Obviously a major downside is not being able to visually see anything. For this purpose, Sportscenter is still king. But if you've got a long car ride or a boring work day, I'd turn on ESPN radio. Try it out, NT...
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ESPN Radio is awful to me for the most part.

I used to listen to Cowherd, but he just rambles about one topic for 3 hours and half the time doesn't even know what he's talking about.


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I wish Jeff Van Gundy would join the TNT crew with Charles, Smith and the others
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