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This is my favorite show on ESPN behind PTI. I think the show is entertaining  plus you get your sports news.

What you guys think about this show?

big j 33

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Worst show on ESPN.

The girl is cool, but that guy should not be on TV, he just looks awkward and I can't stand watching him.

Also, I hate their basic premise. What the HELL do I care what random Joe Schmoes think about a certain sports topic. If I want random, usually moronic opinions, I can just talk sports with half of my friends or read some of the posts on here
but seriously... the only reason I'll tune in to PTI and Around the Horn, and occasionally Sportscenter, is to get highlights, and "expert" opinions on stories. I'd rather listen to sports reporters, who cover sports for a living, weigh in on topics and issues, than getting a unknown person's twitter telling me what they think.
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Originally Posted by TheGift23

Yeah it's not all that. I hate Collin Cowherd too.

I can't stand Colin Cowherd. He has no insight on sports. He reminds me of a friend's dad who tries to be cool by trying to keep up with the latest thing but fails miserably. Plus that vid of him attempting to play ball against Bowen just cemented everything.
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My favorite show. At first, didn't like it but it really grew on me.
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