Estranged Parent May Have Cancer

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    Sep 5, 2014
    A little background if you don't already know.

    Lived in an abusive household with a mentally ill parent. My mom was undiagnosed for a long time . From the age of 2 until I was a teenager I've been through family counseling and even did a stint in foster care when my mom gave up custody. She's never been diagnosed because at a certain point in counseling, the therapist brought up having her evaluated for a chemical imbalance and she stood up, left me at the doctor's office, and never came back.
    She was complaining about things I'd done at 3 years old, called me evil, manipulative...etc.

    This is also the woman who for years told family members and myself that I was molested by my brother's father ...until I overheard a phone conversation of him confronting her over it about ten years later.

    This is the same woman who put me out at the age of eight years old and since then I'd packed my bags so many times to stay with family and friends.

    She's chosen drug dealers over her children. I'd been told that the only men I'd ever end up with would be the ones to beat me and call me out my name.

    She emptied my savings account when I was recovering from a car accident. Borrowed thousands of dollars that she never intended to pay back and then PUT me out of her house. When I was in school fulltime and working fulltime , she was single in a paid off 3 bedroom house and wouldn't let me live there to cut costs.

    So I eventually moved away, got stable , saved a nice nest, and am finally happy and am about to return to school. We communicate every few months. I've sent thousands of dollars to assist her in the last few years. The car she drives is one I paid for.

    At this point in time , her health has deteriorated and she's only in her 40s. She won't be able to work fulltime soon. And it's coming out that she may have cancer. Not to jump the gun because there's a couple more weeks to determine what's going on.

    Guess who taking care of her will fall on?

    Me. I know that I can put off school in case she gets sick. I feel completely unprepared mentally in case it does. This woman was horrible to me.