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The project, an adaptation of the Israeli series of the same name, is describe as the story of drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship all told by a lying, drug addicted 17 year old girl named Rue.
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I just finished but Rue's narration got me slightly confused.

Only thing I knew about this show last min that this ep didn't have a Zendaya sex scene in it cuz her character may be lesbian and thud so was gonna be filled with penises. Pause but they didnt even commit to the penis showing. Got the penis out of focus like a first time camera man :lol: I honestly thought it was a grown man with a strap on.

I just read the spoiler for the OP and I now see we dealing with an unreliable narrator. Thats what had me confused. First she said she went to get urine from a friend in order to be able to him out but nah that was a lie she started to walk to the party. Then this trans character Jules went for a gay hookup instead of the party and smashed but nah in fact she ghosted the dude.

Yet the reveal at the end is the guy who smashed Jules or wanted to is Nate's dad.

Gonna have to wade through a lot of lies for this wild teenage drug filled story.

Overall, I'd say the pilot was cool. This aint even my generation but I get it. I kept up and most of it was interesting. Show seems right up Zendaya's alley to me. Messy and sloppy but cool and fun. Got that Spingbreakers vibe and Assassination Nation (but in a good way).

I can give it some more eps to get a better feel for where this is going.
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i thought the pilot was dope
it's a cool look in to this current high school generation

im not a father but it's crazy thats the lens that im watching this from
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I wasnt sure if Jules was trans or she just had a fat box. If they mentioned her being trans I must've missed it :lol:
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I just want to see some suburbanites OD real talk. Also god bless that Cassie ***. Whew.

One of Judd Apatow’s daughters is in this and I now feel old af.
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I wasnt sure if Jules was trans or she just had a fat box. If they mentioned her being trans I must've missed it :lol:
I wasn't sure at first cuz those skinny types can be white girls or trans.

I figured when I looked @ the app she was on and chatting with a dude named "dominant daddy" Numerous flags forewarned me.

Also if she isn't trans then that Nate guy looks even worse if he just randomly targeting the new girl for being the new girl :lol:
Pause but that **** was poking out. Plus I think she was injecting herself with hormones.
This too but even by then I had saw so much drug use I wasnt sure that was some new drug the kids are doing I dont know about :lol:
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“Kids” x “Skins” 2019.

Visually stunning first episode. Wonderfully shot. Score and musical choices were good, too.

Kind of a little on the nose with the social commentary I’d say with Rue’s narration. Saw the OP spoiler before watching so I expected the unreliable narrator going in. Going to be a little confusing with that going forward.

Had to Google Maddy & Lexi Apatow’s ages before I :evil:. Both well over legal. :smokin I knew Maddy looked familiar and when I googled, she was the chick who put it on little guy from Mid 90’s.

Hate Nate type of cats, breh. Total douche nozzle. Talking some big “F her, she a *** anyways” game, sees her doing exactly that and goes and tries to ruin everyone’s time by being an emotional simp. :rolleyes

McKay’s a good dude but he’s too much of a romantic. His heart is going to get broken. :frown:

Jules is most definitely a guy. Hormone shots + that meet-up that did/didn’t happen had her taking it from behind only.

Favorite character so far is drug dealing Mac Miller. Chill guy who actually cares about people.

Finally, this is looking like it might be Zendaya’s break-out performance into more serious roles. Little mama can act.
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Season premiere was pretty dope. I'll be tuning in for the rest of the season. Nice sound track also.
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Had to Google Maddy & Lexi Apatow’s ages before I :evil:. Both well over legal. :smokin I knew Maddy looked familiar and when I googled, she was the chick who put it on little guy from Mid 90’s.
Maude Apatow was not in Mid90s. You got your googles wrong.

Also since when is Maddy short for Maude? :lol:
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Knew a good amount of people like Chris and Cassie in HS and college. Chicks that get pulverized by multiple dudes and want to be taken seriously when she meets you. And you are basically attempting to ignore it cause you’re head over heels in love but your homies are cracking on you :lol: :rofl: the generations change but the themes stay the same.
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Cassie :pimp:

some naughty googling took place right after i finished the pilot yesterday

they must have used a lot of tape around her chest in the handmaid's tale
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Interesting show. I just got my high reunion invite and it makes me a bit old but glad I didn’t grow up with that much reliance on social media in HS. MySpace was the “IT” thing and remember a nude leak during my senior year. It gives a different perspective and I think I’ll continue to watch.
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Maddy is the Hispanic chick. Nathan’s girl.

Lexi (her character’s name) Apatow = Maude Apatow.
Them sentences had me lost :lol:

Cuz when you said Liz and Maddy I'm like why he use two names for one person? :lol:

I got you now. You know I barely remember any if these kids names yet.
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Episode 1 :pimp:

Fezco with the wise words & the Coogi sweater

Really like Zendaya as Rue

The Handmaid's Tale, Sharp Objects & Euphoria all in the same year :smokin
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