Ever Fell like just Shuting Down?

Jun 17, 2005
just completely just shut down communication with the world life and everyone around you .
escape for a few days and feel no repercussions?

I have a lot on my plate this week and my stress level is through the roof.

there is no time for myself only time for everything else
i've felt like that on several occasions. but since i don't have the dough to disappear to some beach house for a few days, i never have.

i'd love to though.
i feel ya... take a day off and go to sleep... i wanna take a day off from the world... but i have kids...
yah , everyone needs a break from everything and everyone..its natural
Originally Posted by YoungTriz

I feel ya... take a day off and go to sleep... i wanna take a day off from the world... but i have kids...
I'm in the same boat as you, one can only dream...
yea and i do it from time to time. no phone email or aim. ppl start going crazy so i try not to make it a habit. Especially when my God parents get involved.fml
This feeling has been increasing in frequency as of late for me the sooner I get my car fixed the sooner I'll act on it.
I've been going through some difficult things lately and I feel like that right now.
yeah, i call it going off the grid....i put my cell on Alarm only....stay offline, stay shackled in the crib...im pretty much untouchable.....usually sleeptoo.
Sometimes I think about canceling my phone plan and just doing without one. This "instantaneous" lifestyle can be overwhelming, real talk.
Eat everythang on your plate, if it don't kill you, it'll only fatten you up.

Live Free, and stress cease to exist.
I don't have that luxury...

Yeah, I used to be able to go camping for the weekend and just switch off.

Now I take my laptop...
it's really easy to do this, OP. i rarely login to facebook anymore. deleted my myspace long ago. don't really get on AIM anymore. you find out thatmost people are really phony, the older you get.
Right now. I kind of want to turn my cell off and have someone hide it, then give it to me in a week,
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