Ever had a ugly ex that you did know want your friends to know about?

Jun 19, 2006
I'm not gonna lie, my first gf was chubby and not even cute. I only dated out of sympathy because I knew her in elementary and she said it wasn't going to be anything serious. I  stop seeing her all together after 3 months. Fast forward 4 years, I graduated out of high school and all my boys just went to this party and I decided not to go because I had a ton of hw to do or just a 6 sense because it turned out my ex went. Now today I went on Facebook and saw some pics on my daily news feed and I saw her in some pics with my friends.
I knew it could not end well and now all my friends are hitting me up on aim asking me did I go out with her.
I paused, thought about it and just threw the white flag, I succumbed to their interrogation and just admit to everything. Now they will never look at me the same... sigh...
My question to NT is: Did you ever had a significant other that just wasn't your finest catch? and how did your friends and current bf/gf thought about it?

*I dated a ugly chick back in 8th grade, stop seeing her after 3 months
*2 days ago there was a party that my friends went to but I decided not to go
*my ex was there and got acquainted with my friends
*I went on FB today and see pictures of my ex in that same exact party with my friends
*Basically got clowned on and will take this burden to the grave with me

edit: I know the rules, I must provide pics with a story but I don't think NT will want...
Nov 28, 2009
I've smashed chicks I wouldnt want people to know about but dated, nah
Jan 19, 2006
Come on...8th grade doesn't really count now, does it? If you're out of high school already, you're probably way different than you were in 8th grade. I say this because well....*ahem*....
Jan 7, 2007
yeah but i told my boys the rest of the story how she bought my flint vii's

with her bros credit card

on the first date

which i cut short saying there was an emergency...

N made up to her by taking her to the washroom at work 2 months later(second date)

and...that was the last date(asked a female friend to tell her that i was cheating on her and she broke up with me, felt less guilty that way)
Sep 20, 2003
Who cares? We all take drunk L's. I failed at a Trey Songz concert *pause*. Regardless, the next female you bring around better be better than your friends girlfriends.

If she is, they'll forget...if not, good luck on being #1 on 2K10 Xbox live.
Apr 15, 2008
Originally Posted by J23S

I've smashed chicks I wouldnt want people to know about but dated, nah

I call those "flings"....Flings are my specialty...it's like leasing a car...drive for a lil bit but know you ultimately gotta give it up and move on to the next.
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