Ever have a cute chick come up to you and tell you...

Joined May 7, 2005
happen just now. cute girl, light skin, slim, nice lips turns around walks my direction ends up saying hi then hits me with the, do you know jesus has a planfor you? i did the smh , sigh slap my head all at once. Ive never felt so much disappointment in my life. i just hit her with the uhh i dont believe in thatstuff and kept it moving.
Joined Jun 6, 2008
lol...Jehovahs witnesses sent this lauren london looking chick to my house once...had me ready to convert
Joined Apr 15, 2008
yesterday at the club this big boobie, big booty blonde came up to me while i was gettin my drink on at the couch, I froze up after 2 questions.
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