ex-NFL WR Willie Gault ran a 4.27 40 last year....he was 47 years old....

Mar 13, 2004
Compare that to Gault, who can still crack 10 seconds in the 100-yard dash, and last year ran the 40 in a blistering 4.27. Age-grading track and field tables suggest that his recent 10.80 for the 100 meters at 48 is the equivalent of 9.76 by a man in his 20s - only a step behind Usain Bolt, and fast enough for a silver medal at the Bejing Olympics.

(but I'm not buying that he's clean)

he's always been fast for days.

if i found out he was juicing, my whole reality would be messed up. this is the dude my pops used to always bring up when talking about fast guys.
Unless that 40 time was done with Automatic timing I am not impressed. If He Runs 10.8 4.27 should be that hard. 40 honestly has nothing to do with trackspeed. For example Demps ran 4.35
This is Speedy Willie, and I'm world class.
I like runnin' but i love to get the pass.
I practice all day and dance all night,
I got to get ready for the Sunday fight.
Now I'm as smooth as a chocolate swirl,
I dance a little funky, so watch me girl.
There's not one here that does it like me,
My Super Bowl Shuffle will set you free.
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