Experts please help...Gucci Dunk customs

Jun 17, 2006
What's up NT? I've always wanted to do a custom sneaker but have never attempted one that wasn't on in PS. Anyways, I want to make Gucci Dunks because I love these shoes, but they never released (and I'm not looking to spend 3 Gs on a sample pair that isn't my size). I know this is not and original idea so I would love to see what others have done custom wise to create Guccis. Any tips or tricks on the base shoe, paints, how I can do the black denim material, ect. would be extremely appreciated. Thanks so much. Here is a picture of the shoe for anyone who doesn't know what I'm referring to, or can use this image to advice me on how to create the most accurate looking customs I can do.

Those look good, if you were the one who made them can you please share some info?
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